WhiteSmile – In-office whitening with smart whitening light

WhiteSmile technology – application of LIGHT WHITENING AC 6% in whitening procedure – chairside bleaching at No1 Dental clinic is originated from German. This whitening method has been widely used in numerous nations, especially the USA and European countries. LIGHT WHITENING AC 6 % with active chlorophyll allows light activated in-office tooth whitening in accordance with the European Union Cosmetics Directive.

  • Impressive teeth whitening in 4 x 15 minutes in one session.
  • Gentle and painless application. Any adverse effect on gum and enamel is minimized.
  • LIGHT WHITENING AC is advanced with and for Whitening Lamp XG, which gives the best whitening outcomes in the shortest period of time.  

To ensure the best outcome, teeth bleaching should be performed under professional supervision and following a pre-treatment dental examination and diagnosis. The procedure may vary due to the state of your teeth.

Step 1: Dental examination and consultation

Step 2:

Teeth should be in healthy state to receive any whitening method. If your teeth present with conditions such as gum disease, tooth decay or damaged old restorations, it is advised that oral conditions be treated prior to whitening procedure

Step 3: Professional dental cleaning

All dental plaque and calculus that may prevent the wholly effect of whitening gel and light must be removed to ensure the final result.

Step 4: WhiteSmile procedure

WhiteSmile whitening procedure
  • Gum protection

Gingival barrier gum protection gel is applied and rubber dam is placed to protect surrounding gum tissues. Gum tissues are isolated to avoid contact with whitening gel and heat generation by whitening lamp.

The dentist then light cures the gingival barrier gum protection

  • Applying whitening gel

Whitening gel is painted covering all teeth, which makes up a thickness of 2mm with specialized instrument

  • Shining the whitening lamp

Whitening reaction is activated due to support of whitening lamp, which releases Carbamide peroxide and stimulates the mechanism of breaking the molecules. This helps break stains into smaller pieces and remove them.

After sufficient period of shining time, the dentist evaluate the brightness. The whitening procedure may be repeated till it gets to the desired brightness.

  • Finish

When the patient is satisfied with the whitening result, the dentist thoroughly clean patient’s mouth, remove excessive whitening gel left, take off the protection device and gingival barrier gum protection gel.

A detailed list of instruction is given to help patients retain the whitening results,

Why is WhiteSmile whitening technology in No1 Dental Clinic superior?

Whitening result of WhiteSmile
  • Leading Germany technology that offers safety and effectiveness has been reputed in Europe and the America
  • Time-saving. The implementation offers quick effect for busy people
  • Long-lasting whitening results
  • Adverse effect for gum and teeth is minimized. Gum tissues and teeth enamel safety is guranteed



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