When you need dental implant?

Dental implant is ultimate replacement option if you lose single tooth, multiple teeth or even all teeth.

Dental implant for single missing tooth

Dental implant replaces single missing tooth

If you miss single tooth due to trauma, periodontal disease or tooth decay, dental implant helps replace 1 tooth. One titanium implant screw is surgically placed into the jawbone. When the fusing process (osseointegration) is completed, a dental crown restoration is mounted on the implant post.

Dental implant for multiple missing teeth

Missing multiple teeth is no longer a nightmare thanks to dental implant. The number of implant screws placed in the jawbone depends on the quantity of missing teeth. Two implants are placed in the jawbone to hold the dental bridge restoration can help replace three missing teeth.

The biggest difference between implant-supported bridge and multiple tooth-supported fixed bridge (conventional dental bridge) is that implant-supported bridge eliminates the need to grind down the adjacent teeth.

Implant-supported bridge preserves neighboring teeth

Benefits of implant-supported bridge to replace multiple missing teeth:

  • The number of implant screws are equal or less than the number of missing teeth
  • Preserve the adjacent teeth
  • More stable and last longer than conventional dental bridge
  • Patients feel more confident and comfortable, compared to partial removable dentures

Dental implant for all missing teeth

Dental implant to replace all missing teeth

Implant-supported full denture is the best solution if you lose all of your teeth in upper or lower arch. 4 or 6 implant screws are placed to make anchor for full denture. The quantity of implant screws depend on many factors, such as jaw health and desire of patients.

While full removable dentures are loosened over time and easy to fall out when speaking or eating, the support of implants helps hold the full denture firmly. The patients can experience the most natural state and comfort.

Video Implant-supported bridge preserves neighboring teeth

Video Dental implant replaces single missing tooth



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