Dental veneer – Functions and Advantages

Dental veneer has become the most popular cosmetic dentistry trend in recent years. This procedure is merely to improve the look of front teeth, quickly erase blemishes and imperfections, bring back your attractive smile.

What is dental veneer?

Dental veneer has become prevailing trend of cosmestic dentistry

Dental veneer is custom-made ultra thin shell with natural bright shade resembling the tooth enamel color. Dental veneer is delicately fabricated by technicians in laboratory and then bonded onto natural teeth by dentist. This is cosmetic restoration especially applied for front teeth to recreate a natural look, changing the aesthetic, shape, size, length.

Dental veneer functions

Dental veneer has defeated dental crown to become the most searched dentistry words on Google in recent years. Dental veneer is selected as the best cosmetic restoration option for front teeth to create brilliant smile

  • Better the look of heavily stained teeth which cannot be bleached due to tetracycline or other drug usage, excessive fluoride. Natural shade of front teeth change because of the large composite filling
  • Recreate natural tooth-shape of slightly fractured, broken front teeth
  • Fix minor twists, overlaps and improve misshapened teeth appearance  in short time
  • Close space between gapped teeth
Dental veneers close gaps between teeth

Advantages of dental veneers

Dental veneer is sculpted individually for each tooth of patient to fit perfectly snuggly against your own beneath natural tooth, which transform

  • Snug fit of veneer offers longevity, resilience and strength
  • Outstanding shade of veneers mimic the teeth enamel color, and the light reflecting properties of real teeth.
  • Original teeth remain largely intact with only a minimal teeth enamel amount being trimmed off to make room for the veneers.While in dental crown procedure, the removed portion of tooth enamel is larger.
  • Dental veneers resist many kinds of stains like colored drinks, tea, coffee due to high-tech materials, helps maintain the brightness and shininess in many years
  • Patients do not experience teeth sensitivity as the tooth removal is less than that of dental crown
  • Root canal treatment is not usually indicated prior to dental veneer placement like dental crown procedure.



Orthodontic treatment procedure

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