Weaknesses of conventional dental cleaning

Conventional dental cleaning which is still applied at almost all clinics in Vietnam does not bring much effect in caring or preventing periodontal disease any longer due to several weaknesses


Patients are likely to experience pain in conventional dental cleaning procedure

Conventional tooth scaling method involves manual use of stainless steel handy tools like scalers to directly scrape away calculus (tartar) from teeth and within pockets. This conventional method is time consuming and really uncomfortable. Patients may experience discomfort and unexpected pain or bleeding when the scrapers are moved back and forth inside their mouth. Harsh cleaning for a long time will abrase the enamel of the teeth

Stain removal

Heavy stains, discoloration on teeth are not removed completely when scaling. In addition, manually scaling to remove tough stains may cause pain and discomfort

Teeth polishing

Popularity of conventional polishing has been decreased recently because its weaknesses

The main purpose of polishing is to smoothen the surface of the tooth and minimize the deposition of plaque to allow a healthy periodontal maintenance postscaling

Years ago, the most common polishing practice is to use a motorized prophy cup which is known as rubber cup, together with an abrasive polishing powder.   

Conventional polishing with rubber cup is proven to able to discard of 4 micrometers of tooth surface during a 30-second prophy procedure. Frequent polishings may result in damage of tooth surfaces due to the loss of fluoride rich enamel surface levels. Abrasive compound with comparatively big particles may scratch the natural enamel and outer surfaces of teeth restorations such as composite resin, amalgams and gold restorations.

Other concern is that friction of rubber cup may generate heat that cause bacteremia and damage to the pulp of the teeth

Why leading Swiss Air Flow technology is Superior to Traditional Periodontal Treatment?

Ultrasonic scaling

Ultrasonic Scaling completely wipes out dental plaque, calculus and stains

The new age technique offer you more effective cleaning. Smart ultrasonic tips with modern design made of finest material are originated from Switzerland, along with the help of a powerful compressed air shot from a jet of air, water and fine powder of bicarbonate particles will completely wipe out dental plaque, calculus and stains. The up-to-date technology Airflow dental cleaning relieve us from such traumatic experience. The procedure is painless and non-invasive.

Airflow helps stain removal and teeth polishing

AirFlow helps remove stains and polish teeth

Perfect combination of a powerful but well under control jet of air, water and minor bicarbonate particles not only removes discolorations but also polish the teeth. It does not come as a surprise but Airflow cleaning produces spectacular result, which leaves conventional teeth cleaning method far behind.

Prominent strengths of Airflow

  • Eliminate 100% bacteria and toxic dental plaque
  • Remove dental plaque and stains in the shortest period of time, three time faster in removing stains
  • The best solution to wipe out all dental plaque and calculus in 1 time
  • Regenerate smooth tooth root
  • Painless and non-invasive, maximize patients’ satisfaction
  • No friction generates no heat
  • Preserve your teeth enamel
  • No direct contact to teeth surface
  • Thorough clean surrounding area of dental implant, deep clean periodontal pockets from 4mm to 9mm.

Exclusive leading technology from EMS – Switzerland

EMS technology from Switzerland is reputed as the leader in dental prophylaxis and prevention, which is used in most of developed countries all over the world. The state-of-art technology brings on minimally invasive and painless dental cleaning that relieve patients from discomfort experience. Clinical researches have been carried out to assert the effectiveness and safety of this innovative technology on oral health.

The outstanding strength of AirFlow is that stain removing and polishing are combined into only one treatment. Patients get remarkably makeover of their teeth, fresher breath and healthy state of their mouth in an instant. Cleaning results are guaranteed with no disruption of enamel, cementum, and dentin surfaces.

Using technique of EMS Switzerland with Piezon, AirFlow, AirFlow Master and Airflow powder PLUS offers enormous advantages that outweigh the conventional dental cleaning:

  • Comfortable and safe treatment is completed in short time
  • All stains, dental plaque, calculus are removed in just 1 visit
  • Effectively remove subgingival dental plaque buildup, thoroughly clean the deepest periodontal pocket, smooth the tooth root, help the gum reattach to the tooth root. Thí method functions as periodontal treatment support



Orthodontic treatment procedure

Not all of us were born with perfect smiles. But don’t worry, proper oral hygiene practice and support of orthodontic treatment will absolutely result in