Get your dental implant with the most reliable clinic in HCMC

Implant tooth ranks first in modern replacement options due to its perfect resemblance to natural tooth structure and longevity. Dental implantation is the only replacement option that involves intricate surgical procedure. This is the reason why choosing the right place to get your implant tooth is definitely a priority of any patient. No1 Dental Clinic is proud to be a leader in dentistry that safely provides dental implantation at high rate of success. Thanks to valuable standards gained with effort, No1 Dental Clinic has been succeeding in thousands of implant cases, which helps restore appealing smiles of patients.

Well-qualified professional team with extensive experience

Key of each dental implantation success is the dentist’s profession and experience. All surgeons at No1 Dental Clinic receive periodical training from credentialed foreign dental implant experts. Involvement of credentialed implant professionals in difficult cases helps maximize success rate of all implant placement surgeries.

Support of the latest equipment system and standard sterile surgery room

All implantation surgeries are operated in particular sterile rooms devoted to surgery with assistance of the up-to-date equipment. This helps ensure the surgery results and patients’ safety.

Quality of Implant screws

Implant screws that are placed in the jawbone must be durable and highly biocompatible. Shoddy implants have short lifespans and cause potential risks of failure due to natural rejection of human bodies.

All implant screws used at No1 Dental Clinic are originated from well-known dental material brands in the USA and Europe. Implant screws made of titanium are the most biocompatible and able to remain inert within the oral cavity. Strength and durability of titanium implants make it a valuable “investment” to replace missing teeth.

Restorations that are mounted on the implants

No1 Dental Clinic owns a dental laboratory that achieves International standards to fabricate dental prosthesis while other dental clinics outsource the restorations. Owning dental lab enables close supervision for fabrication process, which brings about the finest restorations with perfect natural look. 



Orthodontic treatment procedure

Not all of us were born with perfect smiles. But don’t worry, proper oral hygiene practice and support of orthodontic treatment will absolutely result in