Is root canal painful?

There are common thoughts that endodontic treatments such as root canals are extremely painful. Is root canal painful as most people think? The fact is that root canal is gentle and cause less discomfort compared to tooth decay or infection pain. Root canal is regarded as a tooth-saving treatment limiting the need for ongoing dental work. Tooth after root canal treatment can last a lifetime.

Is root canal painful?

In fact, the pain of root canal treatment is as much as simple tooth filling procedure
  • Thanks to state-of-the-art technique, technology and anesthetics, patients experience no more pain than tooth filling.
  • Root canal is the best solution you should consider to get rid of severe pain caused by infected tissues in the tooth
  • Root canal helps lengthen lifespan of natural tooth. Patients do not encounter negative effects of tooth loss after extraction. Root canal costs considerably less than any tooth replacement option such as conventional dental bridge or dental implant

Lifespan of teeth after root canal

How long can an endodontically treated last?

Teeth after root canal are likely to continue its lifecycle in many years, they can even last a lifetime. However, lifespan of teeth after endodontic treatment depends on many factors:

  • Skill and experience of the endodontist
  • Quality of filling materials (if dental crown is used to fully protect the natural tooth, quality of restoration is also a determining factor)
  • Frequency of dental visit. Periodical dental visit helps spot out damages that root canal teeth suffer at early stage.
  • Proper care for your teeth

The best way to guarantee your endodontically treated teeth existence is opting for a reputed dental clinic to have your teeth treated by well-qualified, experienced endodontists. Wrong choice of inferior clinics may result in more serious infection, even permanent tooth loss.



Orthodontic treatment procedure

Not all of us were born with perfect smiles. But don’t worry, proper oral hygiene practice and support of orthodontic treatment will absolutely result in