No1 Dental Clinic owns a dental lab well equipped with state-of-the-art devices and materials to fabricate restorations that achieve great precision, natural aesthetics and meet the highest standards of reliability.

Dental Laboratory HCMC Saigon



Technician team are often trained for advanced techniques by foreign experts to create high-quality restorations that perfectly resembles the natural teeth.
Owning dental laboratory significantly contributes to the ability to keep all restoration process and standard under complete control, This helps shorten the waiting time of patients for new restoration while the fabricated restoration meets specific requirements.

Modern computerization of all work at the dental lab, along with assistance of essential devices, eases the information transmission progress between the dentists and the technicians, which ensures the precision and aesthetic of restoration fabrication.

Dental Laboratory HCMC

Saved facial image of patients are used to design the restorations that match well with the face.