Benefits of dental implant

Do you have missing teeth and consider to replace the missing with dental implant? The outstanding benefits of dental implant proven along the dental implant history can help you make up your mind on the best replacement option.

Dental implantation is the leading teeth replacement option. Due to the implant structure mimicking the natural tooth, dental implants provide aesthetic appeal which is not easily to be distinguished from other original teeth. Dental implant is regarded as long-term investment to restore the appearance and function of your missing teeth. Replacement teeth with dental implant does not cause any discomfort or inconvenience as other replacement options, such as:

  • Removable dentures are easy to fall out, which makes patients feel embarrassed and unconfident
  • The uncomfortable feeling that patients may experience when wearing removable denture
Discomfort and unconfidence is the feeling that patients may get when wearing removable dentures
  • Dental bridge damages adjacent teeth
Conventional dental bridge may not be a good option for patients who want to preserve natural adjacent teeth

Lifelong advantages of dental implants

Benefits of dental implants

Many clinical researches have been carried out to prove the benefits of dental implant. Lifelong advantages of dental implant are:

  • Success rate reaches approximately 98%
  • Implant fused in the jawbone creates a solid anchor to hold prosthesis. The prosthesis can not be loosened or fall out like removable dentures
  • Restore your mouth to its most natural state. Because the titanium in the implants fuses with your jawbone, the implants won’t slip, make noise or cause bone damage the way fixed bridgework or dentures might.
  • The materials of dental implant can’t decay like your own teeth that support regular bridgework can.
  • Dental implant duplicates the structure and function of a natural tooth, which provides not just proper function, but also aesthetics.
  • Improve patients’ self-esteem
  • Patients are able to eat normally. The implant can withstand greater chewing forces, so that the patient can eat all of their favorite hard and crunchy foods.
  • Preserve the jawbone. Bone loss cause the appearance of sunken cheeks and lips that curl inward, making a person look aged.
  • Dental implant can last a lifetime.
  • Care for implant teeth does not require much effort.



Orthodontic treatment procedure

Not all of us were born with perfect smiles. But don’t worry, proper oral hygiene practice and support of orthodontic treatment will absolutely result in