What is teeth whitening?

Teeth whitening (or teeth bleaching) is among the most popular aesthetic dentistry methods that helps enhance and brighten your smile by effectively removing stains and discolorations on your teeth. Nowadays, Teeth whitening is getting cheaper and easier to access. Teeth whitening is not one-time process. Whitening is repetitive procedure that needs to be established from […]

Who are candidates for teeth whitening?

Although the effect of teeth whitening is undeniable, there are cases that teeth whitening does not work well on. Thorough consultation with the dentist helps him evaluate if you are a candidate for teeth whitening or not. Whitening may not be an option if: You are children with mixed dentition You have tooth-colored restorations such […]

Most popular teeth whitening methods

When it comes to teeth whitening, there is an endless list with teeth whitening products. However, consultation with the dentist prior to any whitening procedure is absolutely advised to find out which product is safe and best match you. Safe and effective whitening options are available for in-office applications, dentist-supplied products for use at-home and […]

WhiteSmile – In-office whitening with smart whitening light

WhiteSmile technology – application of LIGHT WHITENING AC 6% in whitening procedure – chairside bleaching at No1 Dental clinic is originated from German. This whitening method has been widely used in numerous nations, especially the USA and European countries. LIGHT WHITENING AC 6 % with active chlorophyll allows light activated in-office tooth whitening in accordance […]

Proper care for whitened teeth

No matter which whitening option you choose, the whitening results are not sustainable if post whitening instructions are not adequately and properly followed. Compliance with proper dental care also determines the longevity of whitening results. What you should keep in mind in 24 hours after whitening procedure: Avoid all colored drink such as tea, coffee, […]

Opalescence Boost – 1 hour in-office whitening procedure

A dazzling appealing smile in the shortest period of time is all that you can gain from Opalescence Boost whitening procedure. The whitening mechanism of this method is chemical reaction of bleaching agents. This is an ideal option for people who want to dress up their smile for the upcoming events Advantage of Opalescence Boost […]

Take-home whitening procedure with Opalescence

Take-home whitening procedure with Opalescence is a good choice if patients prefers the convenience and time flexibility, especially people who have busy schedule that they do not have enough time to go to dental clinic. It is also indicated for patients to maintain the whitening results after in-office procedure. Step 1: The dentist takes teeth […]

Opalescence GO – teeth whitening is easier than ever

Too stressed with yellow teeth? Too busy with your schedule? If these two concerns are occupying your mind, Opalescence GO is the perfect answer for you. With prefilled whitening trays, you don’t have to wait even a minute to have your individual trays customized or apply the bleaching gel into the trays. All you have […]

Can whitening procedure exert markable effect?

To answer the question “Can whitening procedures exert markable effect?”, we should understand closely the teeth discoloration classification and associated causes which are decisive factors of whitening effectiveness Two main groups of teeth discoloration: Extrinsic discoloration: the stains that remain on outer surface of your teeth Intrinsic discoloration: dentin – the inner structure of the […]

Does teeth whitening cause tooth sensitivity and damage?

Teeth whitening is aesthetic dentistry method that is recognized by accredited American Dental Association (ADA) for its safeness and success. There are many whitening product options currently available to consumers both from the dentist as well as from retail outlets. Using whitening products that are unauthorized with unknown origin or bleaching your teeth without the […]