What is dental pulp?

Beneath the hard substance of the tooth is an intricate system of nerves and blood cells. While the enamel and dentine layers that are hard tissues are formed due to mineralization, the dental pulp is living soft tissue consisting of connective tissues, nerves and blood cells in the tooth centre. Dental pulp is sheltered from […]

Why is root canal necessary?

Dental pulp is located in the centre of the tooth under protection of two hard layers – enamel and dentin. However, there are cases that the dental pulp is exposed and infected. Root canal treatment is a valuable chance that helps save your natural tooth. This is also the reason why root canal is needed. […]

Pulpitis – Causes and symptoms

Pulpitis is inflammation of dental pulp tissue. Although there are numerous causes of pulp inflammation, the main cause is tooth decay. Patients may experience severe pain in advanced stage when an abscess (a pus-filled pocket) forms at the end of a tooth’s root. Causes of dental pulp inflammation Tooth decay is leading cause of pulp […]

How to prevent pulpitis?

Apart from objective causes of pulpitis such as unexpected accident and injury, there are other subjective reasons leading to pulpitis that can be prevented to save your teeth. Factors causing pulpitis: Improper oral hygiene practice or lack of oral hygiene maintenance. Patients who do not brush after meals or visit the dentist frequently are likely […]

Root canal treatment procedure

While patients were likely to lose their teeth if they got pulpitis years ago, development of modern endodontics dentistry offers greater possibility to save inflamed teeth than ever. Endodontics (root canal) is the specialty of dentistry concerning damaged dental pulp tissues surrounding the roots of a tooth in order to preserve natural teeth. Endodontic treatment […]

Is root canal painful?

There are common thoughts that endodontic treatments such as root canals are extremely painful. Is root canal painful as most people think? The fact is that root canal is gentle and cause less discomfort compared to tooth decay or infection pain. Root canal is regarded as a tooth-saving treatment limiting the need for ongoing dental […]

Tooth decay: Causes and treatment

Tooth decay is common disease for children, teenagers and adults. Tooth decay brings about negative effects on almost all life aspects such as social life, appetite, dental and general health. When the tooth decay gets deeper inside the tooth structure, the tooth is damaged more severely. Tooth decay first destroys the enamel, then invades into […]