Dental crown and its functions

Versatile functions and natural-tooth shape make dental crown restoration one of the most common dental treatment which is chosen by many patients. Besides your smile appearance, dental crown can fully restore strength, structure for function like natural teeth. What is dental crown? Dental crown is fixed prosthetic device called “cap”. It has tooth-like shape and […]

How much does a crown cost?

Dental crown cost varies upon to material used, which is excluded from any dental procedure required prior to tooth restoration with crown. Modern dentistry excellence has brought off diversity of material, meeting any requirement of patient at more affordable price. If patients need root canal, the cost of dental crown may include endodontic treatment. Full […]

Variety of dental crowns

When providing a dental crown, there are many things to consider. One of the choices is to decide the type of material of the crown.

Dental crown procedure at No1 Dental

Getting the dental crown procedure done requires 3 visits to the office. To complete complicated dental crown procedure, not only the technique, talent and experience of the dentist, but also high-quality dental crown are remarkably required. No1 Dental Clinic has been credited with experienced professional team and its own international laboratory for many years, assuring […]

Dental veneer – Functions and Advantages

Dental veneer has become the most popular cosmetic dentistry trend in recent years. This procedure is merely to improve the look of front teeth, quickly erase blemishes and imperfections, bring back your attractive smile. What is dental veneer? Dental veneer is custom-made ultra thin shell with natural bright shade resembling the tooth enamel color. Dental […]

How are porcelain veneers placed?

Dental veneer procedure is similar to the dental crown process. It also requires 2 to 3 visits to finish the dental veneer procedure Notice prior to dental veneer procedure Gum and teeth are in good condition. It is highly recommended that all oral problems be solved prior to dental veneer placement. Weak or unhealthy teeth, […]

Do porcelain veneers last long?

Many factors affect lifespan of dental porcelain veneer. As an answer to common question “Is dental veneer long lasting?”, some important aspects are considered. Average longevity of dental veneer is 10 years. However, this lifecycle can be changed depending on some objective and subjective elements. Quality of dental veneer All porcelain material used to make […]