Sterile Processing

At No1 Dental Clinic, sterile processing is prioritized over any issue to guarantee the safeness of our patients to the utmost. No1 Dental Clinic devotes a great deal of effort to optimizing the closed sterile process with the assistance of modern facility and innovative equipment. Sterile process that meets safety requirements brings satisfaction and pleasure of all patients.

Soaking and washing

Soak used instruments right after use in 15 minutes with strong disinfection liquid such as Hexanois that kills harmful bacteria (HIV,HBV or hepatitis virus)

Washing with clean water and specialized soap

Washing instruments the second time in ultrasonic cleaner with disinfection liquid


Sterilizing handpiece

Packing instruments in sterilization pouches

Steaming in AUTOCLAVE sterilizer

Storing all sterilized instruments in particularly clean and dry place