Our technology

Luxury interior design

You are always warmly welcome by our receptionist team with the greatest hospitability in the luxurious atmosphere whenever you come to No1 Dental Clinic.

Modern Western style interior design, along with the harmonious sound of music inspires the relaxing feeling in the meantime

No1 Dental Clinic offers free checking-up and consultation to all patients. With a wide range of dentistry services provided at affordable price, No1 Dental Clinic is able to offer the best treatment plan that best suits your budget and demand.

State-of-the-art Technology

Intraoral camera

Displays clear images of the mouth, provides patients with general understandings about current oral state. The device assists accurate diagnosis and analysis to achieve treatment success, especially in complex cases.

Dental X-ray machine

Modern CT Scan 3D machine. panoramic X-ray, Cephalometric with reduced beam of radiation helps provide the dentists with accurate diagnosis and analysis for the best treatment plan involved in orthodontic treatment, dental implantation,tooth removal or general check-up.

Intraoral scanner

Scan 3 Shapes, Scan tooth impressions for Orthodontic plan or dental crown restoration. Teeth impression is taken without causing any discomfort for the patients

Dental Microscope (for Endodontics)

A dental microscope can provide significant visualization benefits supporting the dentist from diagnosis to post-endodontic management, especially used in complex cases


Halogen Light

Creates cosmetic fillings, which helps restore decayed and fractured teeth. Halogen light is used for polymerization of light cure resin based composites, restoring natural appearance of original teeth


EMS Scaling – Swiss Technology

Modern technology originated from Switzerland for professional cleaning helps maintain healthy state of your teeth and remove stains for bright smile.

Piezon, along with PS tip, can clean deep periodontal pockets (5-10cm). The device provides maintenance care for dental implants, crowns and bridges.